The Freedom Programme 

A 12 week rolling programme-meaning you can join the programme at any time.Open to any woman who has experienced an abusive relationship, or for women wishing to learn more about the reality of domestic abuse

The aim of the Freedom Programme is to:

  • Help women understand the beliefs held by abusive men and identify and challenge any shared beliefs.

  • To illustrate the effects of domestic abuse on children.

  • To assist women in recognising potential future abusers

In 2018 EVA-Lution was launched. EVA-Lution is an 8 week follow-on Programme for women who have completed the Freedom Programme and who feel ready to explore and move on with their lives.

Programme Aims: This programme will be a voyage of self-discovery, which charts our own unique life course. It is designed to be transformative and informative. It will examine our beliefs, raise our self-esteem, help us to identify and embrace our future goals and consider how to make them happen. It will explore where our negative thoughts come from, how to manage them more effectively. It will help us to feel stronger and more positive about the future.

Mission Statement: The EVA-Lution group work programme is designed to be a self-help programme, for women who are ready to move on with their lives, following on from the Freedom Programme. It is not designed to be a therapeutic programme, for those women who need more intensive work around their life issues and experiences, nor should it be considered an alternative to professional therapy. Women will be responsible for their own readiness to commence the programme and for their own measurement of change.

Participant Requirements: The programme will require both a commitment to attend all sessions and a willingness to step outside of our emotional comfort zone, in order to make positive personal progress. It is based on the beliefs that “The past predicts the future, unless we do something different to change it”, and “the more we are personally willing to put in, the more we will get out of the programme”.

During the programme we will:

  • Outline our own, unique, life journey thus far

  • Consider the future

  • Set new goals and plan how to achieve them

  • Understand the nature of self-esteem, what affects it and how it can be improved

  • Understand the nature of assertiveness, self-confidence and the importance of communicating effectively with others

  • Understand unhealthy thinking styles

  • Identify negative thoughts and how to replace them with healthy alternatives

  • Explore some of life’s roles and responsibilities, and the components of healthy relationships.

Each 2 hour session has its own motivational motto and simple homework tasks, to be completed before the following session. Participants will be provided with an exercise book, for them to journal their own progress throughout the programme and beyond.