Survivors Stories

Carole’s story.

“When I first came to the EVA “Freedom ” Programme I was worried about it. I didn’t know what to expect and what the people were going to be like. I suffer with a personality disorder and don’t usually feel confident around people I don’t know, or groups. When I attended my first session of Freedom I was made very welcome by the facilitator, she made me feel at ease.

As the weeks went on, I felt more and more confident to open up and for the first time made me feel like my opinion counted. I have learned such a lot from the course, I knew a lot of it but I didn’t ever put things I learned into practice. I have always been keen to help others but could never see things wrong in my own life until I did the Freedom.

Because of EVA I signed up to the New EVA-Lution programme and found it really helpful. Due to my condition, I find it hard to think of myself rather than others. I would definitely recommend theses courses to anyone, not just if you’ve experienced domestic violence”.

Paige’s Story

Paige aged just 15, sought support from EVA after disclosing a sexual assault from a close family member. On the day Paige was due to meet with EVA’s ISVA (independent Sexual Violence Advocate) her Mother called EVA to say that the perpetrator had committed suicide and they were unsure if we would be able to see Paige as a result. Our ISVA visited the family to talk through their options. Paige was added to EVA’s waiting list for counselling with one of our specialist young People’s Counsellors and it was agreed that our ISVA would continue to support Paige, even though through she would not be going through the criminal justice process.

After six sessions with EVA’s ISVA, Paige began to progress and start to “make sense” of what she had been through. Paige is now undertaking Counselling at EVA and getting the additional support she needs.

Paige said about the service she received; “Me and my parents would like to thank you so much for everything you have done for us. We were just left and it was extremely kind of you to keep on seeing me. It made everything a little easier and I’m very grateful”.

Rachel’s Story

Many women like “Rachel” are desperate to leave their abusive partners, but issues like childcare, finances and shame due to religion or culture prevent them from making that massive step. Read the whole Gazette article here